Mistreated at Work?

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Is the code of ethics really vanishing? It is sad how ethics and a general care of fairness toward others have disintegrated. It is obvious that with most companies, the focus certainly is not on the employees, their families’ needs, the quality of products produced, nor is there a great deal of consideration to the kind or level of customer service that they actually render.

There should be much more consideration or incentive to making good ethical decisions. However, this would probably create the feeling that it would interfere with the ability to produce a positive impact on the bottom line. Have we evolved into a society where absolutely nothing else matters, but the all encompassing bottom line?

In Corporate Ethics Continue Down the Porcelain Chair, author Alan Mermelstein shares his thoughts and discusses in detail his basic perception of how things have deteriorated over the years, bringing us to current times. Discover sex in the work place, being mistreated in the workplace to management by intimidation. Read about many true-life experiences that are described in detail, found in the Case Histories Chapter. How many of these unethical events can you relate to? Have you too, been used and abused?

Follow the competitive climate and discover how it has changed the mind set effecting how Corporate America operates. By purchasing my book learn more about Ethics, Terminology, Buzzwords, Competition, Sales People, Business Development and Discrimination. If you’re fortunate enough to work in a comfortable environment, you may be surprised, shocked and even disbelieve the lack of Corporate ETHICS.

Mr. Mermelstein has been featured on many radio programs across the country including:

KHTK  w/host Walt Shaw, NC
WNTN w/host Paul Roberts, Boston, MA
WOCA w/host Larry Whitter, Ocala, FL
WACK w/host Dr. Russ Jeffrey, Rochester, NY
KWAM w/host Michael Stein, Memphis, TN
WJSJ w/host Andy Johnson, Jacksonville, FL
WMNY w/host Susan Caplan, Pittsburg, PA
KKOL w/host Mike Segal, Seattle, WA
Big Biz Show w/host Bob Sully Sullivan & Russ T Nailz

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About the Author

With twenty plus years of Retail and Sales Management, following many years of successful Sales, Alan Mermelstein worked as a Sales Trainer, Management Consultant, and Motivational Speaker. Exposure to many disgruntled individuals provided a list of experiences, some of which appear in this book. Notes were kept over a period of time, on computer, napkins, or scrap paper.

Originally putting pen to paper, just to relieve his own frustration, he realized, that he wasn’t only venting. He had written this book, and realized the need for this story to be told, NOW!

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